K-W Parent Letter 8-7-20

August 7, 2020
Dear Parents/Guardians,
Thank you for your input through the K-W Parent Survey. We are monitoring the data from the parent
survey and will use this information to guide our planning. K-W will use the MDE guidance and Goodhue
County data to determine a safe learning model for our return to school this fall. Based on the current
COVID-19 case rate for Goodhue County, if school was starting now, we would be starting school with an
in-person model Prek-12. The county COVID-19 case rate will continue to be monitored in the coming
weeks as the start of the school year approaches. If the numbers change and we need to switch to
phase 2 or higher, that communication will be shared from the district office.
We are continuing finalize our K-W Return to School Plan based on MDE’s Safe Learning Plan guidance.
The K-W Return School Plan will be shared in the coming weeks with more details on how each learning
model will look locally

Chart showing the phases

The 3 Base Learning Models:
1. In-Person Learning Model: All students return to learning at school.
2. Hybrid Learning Model: All students participate in a combination of both face to face instruction at school
and distance learning instruction from home.
3. Distance Learning Model: All students receive remote instruction while at home.