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A Message from Ms. Dahling, School Nurse

What is the flu? The "flu" or Influenza is not the stomach flu but a respiratory virus that is characterized by a fever with a cough or a sore throat. Symptoms include sudden onset of a high fever, headache, extreme tiredness, dry cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, and muscle aches. While children can sometimes have nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea with these, influenza should not be confused with intestinal viruses that may be circulating at the same time. Flu season usually peaks around February in MN.

Keep your child home if any of the above symptoms are present until they are fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications such as Tylenol.

It is important that a child attend school every day. Children who arrive late or miss even one day of school miss valuable instruction time and can easily fall behind with their school work. They also miss important socialization time and fun activities with their peers. However, there are times when a child is too ill to attend school. Staying home and resting enables the body to combat illness more quickly. If your child is coming down with a communicable disease, staying home may prevent infecting the rest of the school population. Parents/guardians frequently have questions about when it is appropriate to keep their child home from school. Here are some guidelines to help you with that decision:

  • If your child has had a temperature of 100.0 degrees or higher within the last 24 hours.

  • If your child has had diarrhea or vomited within the past 24 hours.

  • If your child has been put on an antibiotic for a communicable illness, they must be on the antibiotic for 24 hours before returning to school.
  • If your child has an undiagnosed rash. Please check with your physician before sending your child to school. A note from the doctor is required.
  • If having your child at school would significantly put others at risk for contracting your child's illness.

In an attempt to prevent the spread of illness to other students and staff, we ask that if your child isn't feeling well in the morning that you keep them home until you determine if they can safely attend school. If by mid-morning or afternoon they are feeling better and meet the guidelines above, please bring them back to school.
As stated in the Student Handbook: If a child is sick and unable to attend school for more than three days, a doctor's note is required. Here are some things you can do to keep your child healthy and prevent the spread of germs:

  • Encourage good hand-washing
  • Cover coughs and sneeze with your sleeve (elbow) or a tissue
  • Clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces
  • Do not share things that go in the mouth

About Nurse Dahling

I am employed by the Goodhue County Education District. I work primarily in the Kenyon-Wanamingo district, but I am also the Licensed School Nurse for the alternative school Wastedo.

Kenyon MS/HS hours: Monday and Thursday 7:30am-3pm

Wanamingo ES hours: Tuesday and Friday 7:30am-3pm

**Schedule varies depending on student needs.

Elementary School: (507)-824-2211 ext 2225

Middle School/High School: (507)-789-6186 ext 7011

If you do not find the information you are looking for on this site, please feel free to call me. There are links above with information regarding medications at school and immunizations.

Thank you,

Sara Dahling, RN/LSN